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We deliver to the Swiss market a premium selection of authentic wines | Free delivery within 1-3 days as of CHF 100.-



MARC LAFLEUR | A birth in the Caribbean, a few years on a fishing boat in Alaska, literature studies, the joys of office life, it was logical to create Lafleur Wines. I guess you got it: I am self-made man. My drive? A taste for adventure, in all its forms.

The love of wine came to me during family getaways in the Rhône Valley. Even today, nothing can replace meetings and tastings with the winegrowers. This field experience got me into the corporate world where for ten years I selected wines for a demanding clientele. I already had the passion. I developed the sense of service and advice.

In twenty years of traveling the most beautiful wine countries, I have learned that there are a thousand ways to make good wine. The emotion is strong each time a winegrower tells me his truth. Behind each bottle there is a soul, a passion, a unique destiny. I am their ambassador, a storyteller, dedicated to bringing you the best from here and there.

Preferences: single varietals, pinot noir and nebbiolo in the lead

Beyond wine: cooking for my wife, going on a trip with the children, crossing the city on a scooter, listening to Chet Baker …


ELENA LAFLEUR |I have been close to vineyards since my childhood in Moldavia, a wine country where each family made its wine for personal consumption. Hotel school in Switzerland will open me up to the arts of the table and the service. Those were the days when I used to drink cocktails with friends. It was only later, on the fringes of my corporate career, that my passion for wine took on the dimension it has today.

Back to the origins? A need to enrich my day to day life? Above all, the world of wine offered me the opportunity to continue learning. And this how, between the birth of my two boys, I went on to get my WSET 2 diploma before taking classes at the Ecole du Vin de Changins. Finally satisfied? Yes, but like many of my colleagues, I no longer had time to buy wine.

Whether you are an enlightened amateur or a neophyte, choosing the right wine is time consuming. And how can you find advice when you don’t have time to commute? We have created our online store with the objective of supporting you in your choices wherever you are and whatever the time.

Preferences: Italy, always, and a weakness for Alsace whites

Beyond wine: taking the plane, baking a tarte Tatin, drink a spritz with the feet in the water…


We visit the most beautiful estates in France, Italy and Switzerland, attracted by winegrowers who have a respectful approach to nature, whether their practices are certified organic or not. We favor discovery, wines that are faithful to their terroir, which have a surplus of authenticity. We only select the wines that have really convinced us and that we think will bring you the same emotions.


Famous names that make you dream, but above all rare gems and hidden treasures! You do not recognize all the wines in our catalog? Not surprising. Our priority is not to offer you the wines you already know, but to invite you to explore new territories of taste, to open yourself to new perspectives. Ready to travel? So, let yourself be guided. Curiosity is your greatest virtue.

Every year at Lafleur Wines, we :

Make more than 10 trips
Meet More than 100 producers
Taste More than 1,000 wines

What our customers say about the Lafleur Wines experience :