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Bordeaux wines: Our selection

Exceptional Bordeaux vintages, names (Saint-Emilion, Petrus, Yquem) that get so many wine lovers dreaming… The excellence of the great Bordeaux wines is world famous. This reputation is based on high-quality terroirs, admirably developed by passionate winegrowers. 

The largest appellation vineyard in France, in fact, extends over hillsides that enjoy an oceanic climate and ideal exposure for growing vines. The Bordeaux region also has very varied soils, from silty to clay, which have given rise to a large number of terroirs with well-defined qualities. 

The history of the region is also inseparable from that of the Bordeaux châteaux, the name given to the wine estates. The wide range of Bordeaux wines perfectly reflects the know-how of the winegrowers to bring out the best of these terroirs. 

Red Bordeaux wine, sweet white wine, dry white Bordeaux… Bordeaux wines display great diversity. They come from a blend of 2 to 5 grape varieties chosen for their complementarity. Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are the main grape varieties used to make red Bordeaux wines. 

The white grape varieties used in Bordeaux are mainly Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle.

The Bordeaux wine appellations

Bordeaux wine is the first to have been given a wine classification offering a guarantee of quality and respect for traditional production processes. The first classification of Bordeaux wines was drawn up in 1855 during the Universal Exhibition, at the request of Napoleon III, to distinguish the best wines. 

The first classification of Bordeaux Grands Crus covered Bordeaux wines from Médoc, Graves and Sauternes. The list of Bordeaux wines bearing the Grand Cru appellation is regularly revised. The Grand Cru de Bordeaux appellation comes in several categories ranging from Premier Cru Classé to Cinquième Cru Classé. The classification of Bordeaux wines has also been extended with the creation of the Grand Cru de Saint-Emilion appellation. AOC Saint-Emilion is available in Premier Grand Cru Classé and Grand Cru Classé. Finally, two appellations have been created to distinguish quality Médoc vintages that do not fall within the Grands Crus classification: Crus Bourgeois and Crus Artisans. The appellation of an AOC Bordeaux wine is mentioned on the label.

The Bordeaux wine terroirs

The wines of Médoc, Graves and Sauternes can be found on the left banks of the Gironde and Garonne. The terroirs of Côtes de Blaye, Libourne and Entre-Deux-Mers, on the other hand, are located on the right banks of the Gironde and Dordogne. Growing on the Garonne’s sand and gravel earth, Médoc wines acquire a powerful, tannic character. 

More clay-limestone soils give the Grands Crus du Médoc an elegant, racy profile. The Graves terroir has very specific soils which give rise to red Bordeaux wines and very racy dry or sweet white wines with a particularly marked typicity. 

Among the region’s treasures, there is Sauternes wine, a smooth white wine from Bordeaux of exceptional quality. The climatic conditions which the vines enjoy promote the development of a noble rot which gives Sauternes wines aromas reminiscent of honey and candied fruit. 

The Bordelais region also produces dry white wines with a lively, fresh character in Entre-Deux-Mers. Wines from the Blaye area are as diverse as the terroirs on which they grow. The red Bordeaux wine from Côtes de Blaye combines power and balance, while the dry Bordeaux white wine from Blaye stands out for its extremely rich aromatic palate. 

Wine lovers who like Bordeaux red wines with a nice fruity aromatic power and supple tannins will be delighted by Côte de Bourg. Finally, in Libournais you’ll find a world-famous great Bordeaux wine, Saint-Emilion, with a character that’s both fine and powerful.