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The wines of Languedoc - Our selection

The Languedoc vineyard extends over a very large geographical area which includes the entire Mediterranean coast and extends inland towards the Cévennes foothills and Carcassonne. 

The region is bathed by a Mediterranean-type climate, hot and dry with irregular rainfall. It brings together a large patchwork of terroirs with their own specific features: areas influenced by the oceanic climate, mountainous foothills and areas of scrubland and the slopes of Languedoc. 

These diversified terroirs have given rise to a very wide variety of wines: red wine from Languedoc, white wine from Languedoc as well as sweet or sparkling wines. Long synonymous with mass production, Languedoc wine has regained its noble status over the past twenty years. 

Under the guidance of passionate winegrowers who have really developed the best terroirs to great effect, the great wines of Languedoc are now recognised for their quality. The renewal of certain appellations, the recognition of new AOCs and the diversification of grape varieties are all signs of the qualitative progress of Languedoc-Roussillon wine.

The appellations of Languedoc wines

The large number of Languedoc AOCs reflects the diversity of their original terroirs. There are in fact 36 AOCs in Languedoc-Roussillon representing as many regions with a well-defined profile. 

Muscats are part of the historical appellations which bear witness to a long tradition of winemaking. AOC Limoux is also renowned for its crémants and its blanquette resulting from traditional know-how. It’s also the art of winemaking that characterises AOC Saint-Chinian, where the suppleness of Languedoc red wine from the north of the geographical area meets the intense character of wine made from grape varieties planted further south. 

AOC Faugères has acquired a reputation for quality thanks to the constant progress of its wines in recent years. Red Faugères wine in particular stands out for its fine, elegant character. 

Among the most famous Languedoc-Roussillon AOCs, we have Minervois as well as Minervois Lavinière, dominated by a red Languedoc wine mainly made from Syrah. 

AOC Fitou also produces well-structured red Languedoc wines. As for the Corbières and Corbières-Boutenac appellations, one of the great regions of Languedoc producing red wines, they have seen the emergence of quality estates in recent years. 

AOC Cabardès, AOC Fitou and AOC Malepère produce red and rosé Languedoc wines. Finally, the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon include several AOCs with more restricted production, marked by the emergence of new talented winegrowers. 

AOC Picpoul de Pinet, located on the coast, produces white wines that go perfectly with seafood. 

Pic-Saint-Loup, an AOC from Languedoc Roussillon created in 2016, produces red wines of great finesse. 

AOC Terroir du Larzac is known for the dynamism of its winegrowers. 

As for AOC La Clape, it mainly produces red wines. 

Note also the smallest AOC in the region, Clairette du Languedoc, which produces a still white wine from the grape of the same name.

The grape varieties of Languedoc Roussillon

The grape varieties used for Languedoc-Roussillon wines are also a reflection of the variety of production and the significant qualitative progress made recently.

Languedoc vines are planted with 75% red grape varieties. Syrah remains predominant with more than 40 000 ha of vines, but is closely followed by Grenache Noir (38 000 ha). 

Other grape varieties are also used: Carignan, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Cinsault etc. Diversity is also what you get with the white grape varieties. In addition, it’s the grape varieties used for the white wines of Languedoc which best illustrate the progress made in this region. 

Chardonnay, which was underdeveloped some time ago, now covers nearly 14 000 ha. 

Varieties such as Marsanne and Vermentino have also seen good development. 

Finally, certain characteristic grape varieties are at the origin of Languedoc-Roussillon wines with a unique character: Clairette, Picpoul and even Muscat. 

All you have to do is discover our selection of Languedoc wines which reflect both the typicity of their terroir and the work of passionate winegrowers.