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We deliver to the Swiss market a premium selection of authentic wines | Free delivery within 1-3 days as of CHF 100.-

Your e-sommelier

Who are we?

You love wine because it’s a never-ending source of pleasure. Wherever it comes from, it arouses your curiosity and makes you want to travel. Dining is at the heart of your lives, a special place for interaction, where wine opens up minds and brings generations together. So we have a lot in common and we’re honoured that you have visited our website.

We travel to meet our producers to ensure the closest possible personal contact. And we occupy the digital space to be as close as possible to you. You’ll find the fruit of our travels and our encounters in our online store: the wines we simply love!

And to bring us even closer together, there’s nothing like meeting up at one of our events. Venues vary, but it’s always the same celebration of the true pleasures of life. Themed evenings or blind tastings, don’t miss the chance for a moment of exchange, a mix of joyful enlightenment and festive togetherness, to discover our wines and refine your preferences.

Whether you’re a passionate Epicurean or an intrepid traveller of taste, the Club is for you! Immerse yourself in the heart of the experience by taking out one of our annual subscriptions which allows you access to all our services at attractive prices: discounts from 12% to 20% on wines and events at reduced prices.

And what about Switzerland in all this? It delights our taste buds just as much as the great wine nations! To highlight this excellent local production, we have created a platform exclusively dedicated to Swiss wines. Download our Swiss Wines app today to discover the treasures from each canton.

Behind each bottle there is a passion, a desire, a story, a face, a strong conviction and years, even decades of work. Ours would be incomplete without the story of the men and women who speak to you through their wines. We are storytellers, conveyors of emotions. We are your e-sommelier, dedicated to bringing you the best both locally and from further afield.

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